An Afternoon at LACMA

February 8, 2013

LACMA did have one of his earliest masterpieces, “Saint Francis of Assisi in Ecstasy”

Just a few days before its closing, I finally made it to the “Caravaggio and His Legacy” exhibit at LACMA. Caravaggio is known for his undefined space and play of light. It seemed almost unfair to put his disciples’s paintings next to his, because he is the master. There were very few actual Caravaggio paintings; nonetheless, it was still an interesting exhibit. There was even one Velazquez painting from early in his career that was in Caravaggio’s style, which I was very excited to see.

I was also impressed to see a few works from Valentin de Boulogne, with whom I was not familiar with before seeing this exhibit. Particularly, I enjoyed his painting, “Judith.” It is clearly in the Caravaggio style, but it is in his unique interpretation.


I was similarly impressed with Simon Vouet’s “Saint Jerome and the Angel.” I did not know about him before this exhibit, either. I studied art history in Spain, which is why I’m obsessed with Velazquez and Goya and am less familiar with French painters.


HOT. But seriously, beautiful painting.

Finally, one more painting from the exhibit I really enjoyed was “The Denial of Saint Peter” by Gerard Seghers.


I love the use of light in this. That’s so Caravaggio.

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