Summer Road Trip

May 28, 2012

Here it is, nearly a year after my road trip across the country, I am finally putting some photos up!

Random, really old town hall building in Cambridge, Ohio, where we stopped to have lunch on Day One!

Papa E and I at a rest stop. Guess which state!

Gateway Arch from a distance

The mighty Mississippi

The Mississippi was flooded last summer in case you forgot

This was the door for the little pods that take you to the top of the Arch. The metal part doesn’t open, it is just that beige part with the “7”

The impossibly small pods that take you to the top of the Arch. There are five seats in each pod, and we had five adults in our pod. It was cozy.

View from the top of the Arch

The Big E and I at the top of the Arch. We rode up on one side then descended down the other, so we went all the way through!

Mama E’s Chicken and Waffle Kitchen! It was closed.

This was difficult to find. It’s like a quarter mile off the road.

Unfortunately we didn’t bring spray paint

Flat, boring Texas

Arizona was so pretty!

Grand Canyon! My camera could not capture how unbelievably beautiful it was. Everyone must visit here!

Another Grand Canyon pic

Sliver of the Colorado River

Sunset from the passenger’s seat



Thoughts on Privacy

May 25, 2012

Well, it has been a very long time since I’ve updated this blog, but I’ve had some thoughts on privacy lately that I would like to make public.

A few weeks ago, someone was posting inappropriate comments on my blog. It was so random because it’s not like this blog is popular at all by any means, so I do not know what they were trying to accomplish by writing obscene comments. Plus, as I mentioned, I have no been active with this page, so I do not understand the intention.

I consider myself a private person. I am not the kind of person that can share intimate thoughts and details about my life with people I do not trust. However, I have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and this blog, so I am obviously not as candid as I believe myself to be. Through these accounts, I share photos and little stories about my life. Also, I am actively pursuing acting as a career, which requires me to be very vulnerable and to express myself for an audience.

Does this mean I have to accept that there will be people, from my past and strangers, who will want to trash me publicly? I guess I have to shift my perception of my privacy and be more conscious of what information I put out into the open.

In conclusion, haters gon’ hate.