“Your life is as beautiful as the memories you make.”

May 17, 2010

What a glorious last day in Madrid! I went to El Rastro in the morning, had lunch in Plaza Mayor, then spent the rest of the day in the Retiro where me and my wonderful friends went row boating (is that the proper verb? Or is it rowed boats?).

Time to get cheesy. These past few months have been absolutely life changing and eye opening. I had the fortune of immersing myself in a different culture in a beautiful city. I found that Madrid is so unique for a European city because, while there are a few sightseeing attractions, it is about the experience, not the historical sights. Madrid is about the food, the night life, the people, the art, and ‘sabor de vida.’ Nothing is better than spending a sunny day at my happy place: in the Retiro.

I will truly miss so many aspects of my time here. In the future, I will be able to return to Madrid and even live here if I wanted to, but I won’t be living with my generous señora, taking classes with amazing professors, and making memories with the craziest group of study abroad students ever assembled.

Hasta luego


One Response to ““Your life is as beautiful as the memories you make.””

  1. Fuente de la Plaza A o 1789 , situada en la plaza de Fondón y dise ada por arquitectos de la Academia de San Fernando de Madrid.

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