The Best of Prof. Patricia Espinosa

May 15, 2010

And now, for your viewing pleasure, I have assembled a list (in chronological order) of Patricia quotations.

[Context: Patricia was my AMAZING art history professor who is about five feet tall, about 90 lbs., and exploding with life. She has an incredible passion for what she teaches and words her lectures colorfully.]

"She's eh-scared! eh-What you say to me? I am eh-pregnant of God?!"

"Oh, I am so fer-tile."

[At the start of our second class about the Renaissance] “We were drinking together the Reen-ah-since cocktail?”

“El Greco is….heavy metal. But he come later.”

"He see the block and say, 'David!' and he make it."

"Como la canción, 'It's raining mens. Oh my God!'"

“Venice is eh-special; really different, they are living on the water, that gives to them eh-special things: humidity.”

“The one who don’t believe in Bac-oos (Bacchus) have a lot of problems. Have no lucky, for example.”

"Woman is waking up, 'Hmm, what a nice party! Hello!'"

"Una fiesta de bebes."

“Tienes un problema, Houston.”

"All the mommys in front of this say, 'Oh this is my Georgio. Oh, my Georgio is not a bad boy.'" "'Hmm, give me some coins.' He have the bright eyes."

[On the close relationship between Felipe IV and Velazquez] “Felipe on his computer, ‘Hey Velazquez, what are you up to?’ ‘Painting your daughter, what are you doing?’ ‘Oh, a war with England.'”

"This man is saying to her, 'Do you want to come home with me tonight....... baby?'"

"Rococo is, 'Oh, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.'"

"'Do not touch me, I am not alive.' But Mary Magdalene want to touch him. But he say, 'No, no, no, no, do not touch me.' Look at him here, 'Do not touch me.'"

"Super photo-shop."

“He have no afraid.”

"Do you want to see Pepita?"

"Dress-ed, naked, dress-ed, naked, dress-ed, naked, dress-ed, naked, dress-ed, naked. Like the pens, click, click, dress-ed, naked, dress-ed, naked, dress-ed, naked, dress-ed, naked."

[On Goya having French friends] “He was accused of ‘Frenchship.'”

"He is making a big vomit over the wall."

“Ok, I end here. Yay, we are the winners!”


2 Responses to “The Best of Prof. Patricia Espinosa”

  1. Elizabeth said

    omg lola i love you for doing this! i was laughing so hard, and then I wanted to cry, because we will never have a professor that awesome again. thanks!!

  2. Juan Silva said

    I don’t know you, I dont know where are you from and what you do neither, the only thing that I know is that maybe you are a little boring, and maybe you just want to make jokes. Obviously for me it is not that funny, but anyways is the way you want to see life. However, thanks a lot for letting me see your thoughs, even do I don’t like them.

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