The Prado, Tribunal, and Lavapies

February 4, 2010

On Tuesday, we were given a brief introduction tour of the Prado. The little bit we saw was amazing, I cannot wait to go back there. I also look forward to going to the Thyssen Gallery of Modern Art, which is right across the street.

A few of us went out that night to Tribunal because we were told there were a lot of good bars there. After wandering around for a little bit, we finally found one, and it was an Australian bar with very few people in it. We found out later that this is an exam week for the universities, so a lot of students did no go out. It was fun, but I went home on the Metro before it closed.

I went shopping yesterday morning by myself and it was an interesting experience. I was either completely ignored or followed closely by a clerk. I guess they don’t like shoppers from the U.S.? It was still cool to go to the different stores and see what’s stylish in Spain. The major trend I noticed was, this is going to sound weird, having a face on the shirt. I did not think of taking a picture to demonstrate, but basically most of the shirts would have a woman’s face on it with crazy make up or hair. I don’t know.

Yesterday evening, we went on a guided tour through Lavapies, which is where 40% of the immigrant population lives. It has become a trendy area and is becoming gentrified. On the tour, he told us about this restaurant that was very local with no tourists because there’s basically no sign for it. So about 6 of us went back to it last night and climbed the stairs 5 stories to get to it. It was chilly last night, but we sat outside on the balcony because the view was so pretty.

The only thing I have today is a meeting about the trips we’re going to go on. We leave for Segovia tomorrow then Salamanca on Saturday.

View of the square below us from the restaurant

View of the city from the restaurant

We sat on kegs at this one bar

Random photograph of a store. I was told to put my camera away before I got a photo of the hanging meat


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