Painting to Life- “The Spill”

November 23, 2009

For our Visual Literacy: Painting to Life video project, Gretchen Kast, Thomas Wong, and I created an interpretation of Andy Warhol’s “Campbell’s Soup.”

Tensions rise between a couple, whose relationship is already failing, when the man reveals he hit a deer with his car on his way to work. The woman cannot believe his heartlessness because, instead of feeling bad for killing an animal, he only cares about the damage to his car. The underlying struggle is about the man’s apathy towards the slow death of their relationship.

A note about the movie: The film somehow came out to be overexposed. The coloring seemed fine as we were recording. We are learning film-making through our mistakes!

Shot List:

CU- hands cleaning up spilt soup, 4 sec.
MCU/Two Shot- planar staging, protagonists in kitchen, silence between them, 5 sec.
CU- hands washing dishes, 4 sec.
CU- hands stirring soup, 4 sec.
MCU/Two Shot- protagonists in kitchen, mise-en-scene, 1 min. 12 sec.
MCU- woman knocks over soup, 3 sec.
CU- pot of soup dropping to floor and spilling, 5 sec.
MCU/Two Shot- reaction to soup spilling, silence, 9 sec.
CU- hands cleaning up soup, male walking away, mise-en-scene, 24 sec.
PU- woman cleaning on floor and crying, pan up to soup on counter, 11 sec.
FS- painting by Andy Warhol


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