November 16, 2009



Begins with the image of a can of soup. There are two people, a man and a woman, cooking in a small, cluttered kitchen. The man is wearing a button down shirt, with jeans and the woman is wearing a red dress. The man is standing at the sink, washing dishes, and the woman is standing at the stove, stirring a pot. They both seemed to have had a long, rough day.

They’re chatting, casually. The woman asks the man about his day and the man explains how he accidentally hit an animal on the way home from work.

She stops stirring, a look of surprise crosses her face and she asks him what he did about the situation. He explains, nonchalantly, that he simply drove off. The woman gets upset and begins to shout at him, angrily yelling about animal rights. In her fit of rage, she ends up knocking the pot off the stove, spilling its contents all over the floor.

The man dives down and franticly begins to mop up the soup from the floor with a rag he grabbed from the counter. The woman stops him, saying she can clean it herself. She grabs a towel and pushes him out of the way, to begin cleaning the floor. He stands up slowly, clearly in shock. From the floor, the woman looks up and tells him that he should go back to check on the animal. He stands hesitantly, staring at her for a few seconds before obliging. He grabs his keys from off of the table and then barges out of the kitchen. The woman continues to clean. She sighs dramatically, and begins to tear. The scene ends with the tear drops falling into the red puddle of soup that is still on the floor.


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