Title Sequence Review-Nip/Tuck

October 26, 2009

As soon as I learned what motion graphics were and their function in title sequences, I thought of the introduction to the television series on FX called Nip/Tuck. The title sequence is extremely symbolic and representative of the content and nuances of the show.

To begin, for those who are completely unfamiliar with the show, it is basically about these two male plastic surgeons who own a practice together. The title sequence is mostly computer animated, which illustrates the artificial nature of plastic surgery. Over the course of the title sequence, there are boxes of mannequins that are all exactly the same. They are skinny, tall, and all the same color, but they are lifeless, which symbolizes the type of people who keep these plastic surgeons in business with their breast enhancements, face lifts, and rhinoplasties (nose jobs). There are only two parts when actual/live women are shown, and that is to remind the viewer that looks can be deceiving and that a “beautiful/perfect” woman can really just be the work of a good plastic surgeon.

Furthermore, the style of the title sequence, with the use of few colors, the dotted red line, and the symmetry, play to the style of sets of the show. It is difficult to explain, but the show is set in a modern-chic world in Miami, but it is made cold by the lack of homely touches, which symbolizes the marriage of one of the protagonists.

Overall, the title sequence and the show play up the theme of the artificiality of beauty.


One Response to “Title Sequence Review-Nip/Tuck”

  1. mollybohm said

    Good review of the imagery. I also believe the theme song “A Perfect Lie” works very well with the tone and theme of the show. Not only is the tone of the music dark, the lyrics suggest that the idea of “perfection” created from having beautiful looks is really an illusion covering up a very far from perfect life.

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