Movie Poster Review

October 16, 2009

“The Men Who Stare At Goats” is a comedic movie that is going to be released naionwide in November. This poster effectively uses several techniques to be both visually pleasing and to inform the viewer about the movie.

The focal point is clearly the line of faces leading to the goat on the end. The creator of the poster specifically designed the alignment of their faces and the color alteration to tie in with the title of the movie and to grab attention. The flow of the poster makes it easy to “read” the line of men and the title. The eye in the background is also very captivating, and the function of a movie poster to to generate as much attention as possible.

The simple color scheme makes it easier to look around and enjoy all of the visuals of the poster without feeling too overwhelmed. This is necessary because the message of the poster is about the movie, and if people are too distracted by photos, they would not notice the title or  the list of celebrities, all of which are essential to getting people to go to the movie.

Furthermore, the presence of the goat in the line of men (both in the list of names and row of faces) and the subtitle make it evident that this movie is a comedy. Also, the casual sloppiness of the font helps to inform the viewer that it is a light-hearted movie.

Lastly, the design of the poster and implication of comedy makes the viewer interested in finding out more about this strange sounding movie because they have been successully stimulated visually.


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